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Conference Theme - "Providing Mental Health Care to All"

• Last date for submission of entries for various IPS Awards (except BPSSJ Award): 15 September 2010
Last date for submission of Bombay Psychiatric Society Silver Jubilee Award (BPSSJ): 15 November 2010
• Last date for submission of symposia, workshops, free papers & poster abstracts: 30 Sept. 2010
• Please register to participate. Abstracts sent by authors who have not registered shall be rejected

The Scientific Committee will use the topic list to classify the area of each submission for presentation as well as for listing in the Programme and Abstract Book to assist participants in selecting sessions of interest. The submission form provides a space to mark a selection from this list. Please select the one most appropriate topic area for each submission. If required indicate a second subtopic area as well.


   Affective Disorders
   Alcohol and Substance Abuse
   Alzheimer's Disease
   Alternative Therapies in
      Psychiatry and Mental Health
    Anxiety Disorder
    Attention Deficit Disorders
    Autistic Disorders
    Biological Correlates of
     Mental Disorders
    Biological Markers
    Biological Psychiatry
   Brain Stimulation Techniques
   Care givers & Psychiatry
   Childhood and Adolescent
    Childhood Disorders
   Clinical Psychiatry
   Clinical Research
    Cognitive Neuroscience
    Comorbidity in Psychiatry
   Community Psychiatry
   Community Care &
   Consultation Liaison Psychiatry
    Cost Issues in Psychiatry
    Developmental Disorders
    Developmental Psychiatry

› Disability
 Dissociative Disorders
 Eating Disorders

    Electro Convulsive Treatment
    Emergency Psychiatry
    Epidemiology and Mental
    Ethics of Psychiatry Practice
     and Research
   Family Mental Health
    Forensic Psychiatry
    Geriatric Psychiatry
   Genetics and Psychiatry
    History of Psychiatry
   HIV / AIDS Related Disorders
    Hospital Psychiatry
    Human rights Issue in Psychiatry
    Internet and Psychiatry
   Media and Psychiatry
   Medical Insurance
    Mental Health Economics
    Mental Health Laws
    Mental Health Legislation
    Mental Health Policy
    Mental Health Service Delivery
    Mental Retardation
    Military Psychiatry
    Mind and Society
    Molecular Biology and Psychiatry
    Mood Disorders
    Obsessive Compulsive Disorders
    Organic Mental Disorders

 Panic Disorderss
 Personality Disorders

    Posttraumatic Stress Disorders
   Private Sector Psychiatry
    Premenstrual Syndrome
    Prevention of Psychiatric Illness
    Psychiatry Education & Training
    Psychiatric Medication
    Psychiatric Rehabilitation
   Research Methodology
   Rights of Persons with Mental 

   Self Help Groups
    Sexual Disorders
   Sleep Disorders
   Service Development is Psychiatry
     Social Psychiatry
    Somatic Disorders
    Somatoform Disorders
   Stigma, Psychiatric Disorders
      and Mental Health
   Trans Chanial Magnetic
      Stimulation (TMS)

    Traditional and Alternative
     Treatment in Biological
    Other Psychiatric Disorders

To send your abstract by post please download the Abstract Form and send to:

   All entries for Symposia and
   Workshops may be sent to
   All entries for Free Papers and
   Posters may be sent to
   All entries for Awards
   may be sent to
Dr. Ajit Avasthi
President, IPS & Chairman,
Scientific Programme Committee

Department of Psychiatry
Chandigarh – 160012, India

Phone: +91-9872065200
Dr. M. Thirunavukkarasu
Vice President, IPS

1018 A, Sixth Avenue
Anna Nagar,
Chennai - 600040
Tamil Nadu, India

Phone: +91-9444034647
Dr. R. Ponnudurai
Chairman IPS Awards Committee

24/3B, T.T.K. Road,
Chennai – 600018
Tamil Nadu, India


Submission Deadline
30 September 2010    30 September 2010    15 September 2010

General Instructions
» If using the Abstract Form, please type in Arial font size 9
» Abstract should not exceed 300 words
» Underline the presenting author’s name
» The facility of multimedia computer with windows based software (MS ofiice/XP/Millennium/98) will be available
   at the conference for oral presentations

Instructions for Workshops and Symposia
» The content of the symposium or workshop should be described under the headings of Title, Objectives,
    Speakers, and followed by a brief description of the symposium/ workshop.
» Time allotted for the presentation will be 35 mins.
» Time allotted for the discussion will be 8 mins.

Instructions for free papers
» The content of A free paper abstract should be described under the headings of Title, Authors, Aims and
    Objectives, Methodology, Results and Conclusions.
» Time allotted for the presentation will be 7 mins.
» Time allotted for the discussion will be 2 mins.

Instructions for poster presentations
» The content of a poster abstract should be described under the headings of Title, Authors, Aims
    and Objectives, Methodology, Results, and Conclusions.
» An area of 100cm height and 50cm width shall be provided for each poster.
» Posters should be in English and should be headed with title, name of author(s), institution and city.
» Charts, drawings and illustrations must have self-explanatory notes.


» CLICK HERE for download Abstract Form    

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